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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Discovering Yellowstone Park Part 2

Because we've been to Yellowstone before, we knew that the distances and times were not very accurate for really seeing the park. Between animals and slow moving traffic and roads not conducive to fast speeds, you need to allow a few days to say you've really seen the park.

Our ideal day is a slow breakfast, pack a lunch, and be back home for supper and a quiet eveing. Sometimes we switch that up for an evening at some location with wifi, like Starbucks or McDonalds, but those wifi evenings have diminished as we have such great phone plans now!

The days were unseasonably warm as we explored, and the evenings just cool enough to keep us cozied up in the trailer, enjoying books and a beverage or two. 

I read on another blog that they recommend four days to explore the park and feel like you've been everywhere. I think I would increase that to 6 days. We took even longer, but also did some day trips in other directions.

So - within the park...

Day 2 we focussed on Fire Hole Canyon and the Fountain Flat Drive.

Fountain Flat Drive veers off to the west off the Grand Loop Road north of Fountain Paint Pots. Fountain Flat Drive dead ends for vehicles not far from the main road. There’s lots of parking and a large turnaround. We walked down towards the Firehole River, and happened upon Ojo Caliente, a hot spring that feeds into Firehole River.

Firehole Canyon Drive takes you to the canyon where the Firehole River flow, gives you a view of the falls and a 40 foot waterfall. So beautiful. 

Stay tuned!

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