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Driving Miss Donna - what does this mean? Whenever I want to go somewhere, if Don is home he will usually drive. He always says he is driving miss Donna! This blog is for our travels, usually with our truck and fifth wheel trailer, but sometimes in our other wheels. When we are not vacationing check in for updates, although less frequent, about our life at home and our wonderful family:)

Friday, May 31, 2013

Uh Hello- Does Anyone Have a Month Called May?

We are missing ours… I think it flew by.
Being home again is wonderful, although we both will admit to a bit of travel homesickness.  But life has hit us with a vengeance as soon as we turned into our driveway that last day of April.
First on the list was to ensure the fifth was winterized and safe – maybe we should have stayed out in the sunshine for another week or two?
Priority was to see all the grandchildren.  We had great visits with the Cameron family, and so many tight little hugs from those gorgeous kids! I swear they all grew up while we were gone.  For example Blake got his first hockey goal!
An extra bonus for us was that Lindsay, Jeremy and Connor were in town the week we got home, thanks to a work function for Jeremy.  So we got to see them right away instead of waiting until we could go there.  Connor was beginning to walk when we were gone, and by the end of May we can announce him as a very talented and stable little walker. he also got his incredible little head of hair cut, and looks like a little man, not our baby.
We arrived home just in time to celebrate Blake’s 6th Birthday.  He has the biggest smile you will ever see, and it gets bigger on days like that.  How is it possible that he is 6 years old? Happy Birthday buddy – love you soooo much!!
I think Emerson currently holds the record for the tightest happiest hugs!  And it tears our hearts apart because she looks just like Tracy at that age. Emerson has such a sparkly personality, and she was always willing to talk or Skype when we were away.
Reese – wow did she grow.  Her vocabulary is polished now, and she has become her own little girl personality, not just a baby or toddler but a little lady as well.  She is so cute playing with Emerson, and her eyes just light up when she is happy! 
All 3 kids like to wrestle and climb on Don – which is just fine with me!
The next week both Don and I had to work – I know how sad for us.  We accept your sympathy…
Don was off to Peace River and I was off to Fort McMurray.  Of course the bonus for me was that I was able to visit the Stecyk family and experience Connor’s lovin’ for myself.  I am sure it is the same for everyone, you have a child and love them to pieces, you have another and love them too, and wonder how can that be?  Well with grandchildren it is the same.  Everyone of them just keeps bringing new things and feelings to your heart, and you grow with each one.
The May long weekend has long been a tradition of camping with our family, Paul and Mary, and the Streadwicks.  This year was one of very few over the past 20 that we had no rain, and in fact nice enough weather for the beach, water, and tubing behind Paul’s boat!  Amazing.  Lindsay and Jeremy purchased their own trailer last summer, and Tracy and Cal bought a new one, larger to accommodate their family.  It seems hard to believe a few years ago there was Don and I, Tracy, Cal and Blake, and Lindsay and Jeremy all in our fifth!!  Hilarious to try that again with all 4 grandchildren now!
We had a crazy fun weekend with all!
Next Don and I were off to Saskatoon to celebrate his brother Ken and Brenda’s 30th Anniversary.  Again where did the years go?
May 27 was Lindsay’s 29th birthday.  I remember mine so clearly, so how can our baby be 29, married, a mommy and not living with us???
So to the last week of the month, and I had a small contract with the Town of Stony Plain to act as an Ambassador for the adult delegation visiting from our sister town Shikaoi, Japan.  That will receive it’s own blog post.
Anytime not mentioned above was spent working in the yard, getting the trailer set up at our lake lot, etc.  Don was very industrious and cleaned up some trees and raspberry bushes in our yard that have needed attention for years.  We really are enjoying more down time in this odd and crazy kind of retired life we are living…
And the best day of the month?  May 31 – our anniversary.  33 years ago 2 kids got married in Fort McMurray and started a life together, and here we are today.  Happy Anniversary to my best friend Don – you have been an amazing husband and father, now watching you be Grandpa is the highlight of a day, and I must say you make a wonderful driver!  Let’s see if we can get another 33 years of Driving Miss Donna!