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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Sedona You Own Me!

Honestly – I love this place.  Although the town itself is a bit crazy busy for our liking, the areas surrounding are amazing, our boondocking spot is one of our favorites (thanks Ivan), and the hiking is whatever you want.

We are so fabulous at boondocking, and we do enjoy it.  When you find a place like we are at, everything combines for perfection.  First the weather in Sedona is just so fair.  Although the days are hot, the evenings are cool and breezy, no need for air conditioning, heat, or anything in between.  Although there are several units here this year, boondockers are quiet and respectful people.

We finally had the opportunity to take in some “real” hikes.  This means boots, packs filled with water, and some sore feet.  The perfect combination.

Our first hike was the Cathedral Rock.  It was a nice trek until the end, where the expectation was to climb quite vertically up a crack in the mountain, to the top.  Don went as far as he could, I stopped at that point.  Besides a fear of coming down more than going up, I have a torn tendon in my shoulder that I am still being careful with.  A climb like that requires lots of draw on your arms and shoulders, and I didn’t want to risk it.  Nonetheless it was a great hike!

One day on a drive we came upon a sign for Tuzigoot National Monument.  Although we have been to Sedona many times, neither of us recalled checking it out, so we turned it.  Although it was a casual walk around, the monument itself is worth the stop.  I’ll let the pictures tell the story!

This visit our camp area had some colorful visitors, more than one early morning.  I will now never forget the sounds of a hot air balloon landing immediately adjacent to ur trailer.  The roaring bang of the propane heater at 6:45 am is quite the noise!  And the orange glow cast inside the trailer form the balloon being RIGHT beside us was a bit spooky.  I assume the pilot knew he was almost landing on us??  Apparently we are in the area that they land in a lot, based on three consecutive days of landing.  I will admit the last time was a bit tedious.  I have had a lot of Board meetings while away this year.  Two mornings in a row this stay, so the balloons only woke me once.

We were busy enough here that I will break the visit into two posts!

You won’t believe who is featured in the next one.

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