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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Moving Onward

Sometimes upward, sometimes downward, but always onward!
We decided to return to Sand Island Recreation Campground.  It’s on the San Juan River by Blanding Utah.  This is a dry camping area, but they have potable water.  It’s such a great location for discovering all the areas around, the only downfall is there is no close place to get wifi that is dependable or consistent.  Oh well.
We stayed here for 5 nights.  As seems normal in this area at this time, the days are hot and the nights are cool.  Which is the perfect conditions for boondocking.
We entertained ourselves by sightseeing and hiking.  For some reason when we are here we tend to take a day drive to Cortez Colorado.  Probably because it has a Super Walmart.  lol
We also took the opportunity to find a new hike.
There are many Mule Canyon hikes if you google them.  As we hiked on and on it became apparent we were not on the short House on Fire ruins walk.  We took the path less followed and travelled the South Fork Mule Canyon Hike.  It was a 9.2 mile hike with the final gift a breathtaking view of the Last Ruins.  Along the way were many other clusters of ruins, all accessible to visit and take some close ups of.  I really enjoyed this hike because the ruins were in a totally natural state.  Because no restoration had been attempted you could truly appreciate the craftsmanship and design.  Standing there it was easy to transport back in time and have a small feel for where the ancient people lived.  The canyon started with walls of about 80 feet, then grew taller the deeper you travelled.  It was one of best hikes this year.

Two years ago while staying here we hiked all the Natural Bridges in the Natural Bridges National Monuments Park.  It was one of our greatest accomplishments!  While we weren’t going to do them again, we still wanted to have a look from the top of the bridges, so we spent a day driving though and playing normal tourist – stopping at the bridges and taking the easy viewing paths to each one.

Again Bluff and Blanding served us well, and another place we will be back to.  There must be at least 4 more Mule Canyon hikes to visit!

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