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Friday, March 17, 2017

Farewell to Mom

Well it seems i can’t get back to blogging about our adventures until I write about the past week and the not so adventurous activities.  On Thursday March 9 I received a phone call that my mom in Edmonton had passed away.  Of course that set off a series of phone calls and plans. Although my brother who also lives in Edmonton was the executor and held all powers of attorney, etc. I still felt a personal need to go home and hopefully find some closure in a sad situation.

I had visited with mom right before we  left at the end of February, as well as I had spoken to her the day before she passed.  Until the last few years mom had been one of my greatest supporters in life, and as a grandmother was also very involved in our girls’ lives. So from the perspective of losing a mom, I am honestly settled with it.  Some think she had a long and often thankless life, and as it wasn’t full of material things it was unhappy.  Luckily for me I saw the other side of her life, the fun she had with co workers and her sisters that lived close when she was in North Battleford, and the visits she made out to Alberta to see us through the years and help in my years of young motherhood.

I have re-written this next part so many times, and found I was using it as a sounding board for all my pent-up frustration with family and the path mom’s life was on that last few years.  But I will close with saying thank you to my many friends and closest family who sent their thoughts and hugs since mom passed.  Remember you never know the whole story if you haven’t been there!

Goodbye mom!  I hope you are warm and pain free.  Love you forever.

Back to our travels next blog.

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