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Monday, September 19, 2016

Now This is Better!

This time I consulted more thoroughly with my driver/weatherman and we decided to go to the Boise area.  Rather than reserve any campsites we thought we would wing it and see what was around.  I did a search on state parks and reviews and Bruneau Dunes State Park near Mountain Park seemed like a great choice.  So the GPS was set and we were on our way.

When we arrived at the park it was a bit confusing selecting a site.  First off, most of them seemed reserved.  And then there were others that seemed available, but with signage saying you had to contact the park hosts to confirm.  They were off shift.  So we headed to the camp headquarters and were lucky enough to find a park ranger just heading to his office.  I explained the situation and he was kind enough to assist.  The odd part about this is that although the building was marked as ranger office, it also had a registration desk in it, which was not advertised anywhere.  So we did a bit of campsite touring we didn't need to.  At any rate we found a perfect campsite.  The weather was amazing, hot days, gorgeous sunset evenings, and lots of walking opportunities!

We had visited the Boise area a few years ago, but I spent most of my time with a very sore back and at a chiropractor.  Thank goodness this visit was far more enjoyable!

Don and I are both avid readers.  Sometimes it doesn't even matter what we read.  And sometimes that reading offers ideas of places to see.  Years ago we both read a Western series based on the wagon trains of people moving to Oregon.  The road, the Oregon Trail, can sometimes be spotted still today.  In places there are memorial signs and the wagon tracks are visible.  So we took some time to drive and find those signs and trials.  It is pretty easy to get engaged in dreaming what life may have been like for these travelers, but I think it is romanticized quite a bit.  Our forefathers had it pretty tough but they sure seemed happy.

So our stop here was just what we needed to shift ourselves back into a happy place, relax a few more days before turning around and starting the trip back. 

We need a place to stop for one night, and so we're going back through Como Lake to have a final night in a beautiful setting.

Here is a picture of the sunset and the campsite.  Just beautiful!!

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