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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Como Lake

So I promised part 2 of Como Lake!

As you may have gathered I cannot pass up a Farmer's Market when we are on the road.  It is not always the food as much as it seems to be a unique way to explore a community and get a feel for the people.  The market up the road from us in Hamilton was ideal.  After wandering the aisles and exploring different vendors, we stopped at the Mine Shaft Pastry Company booth and picked up a Cornish Pastry for lunch, before continuing on our market excursion and heading back to campground for the evening fire.

One of the reasons we extended our stay at Como Lake was the intrigue of a hiking trail around the lake.  Reports were that it was approximately a 2 hour hike.  So we packed our water and lunch and started out.  The scenery along the way was beautiful as always.  From one person's perspective our photos may often appear the same, but trust me as you are wandering new or old places and trails, the view in person is never the same twice, and always warrants a few more pictures.

The first thing to note about this hike is that it is far longer in miles and time than indicated.  Thank goodness we packed a lunch!

For the most part I will let the pictures speak for themselves.  As we selected a lunch stop we noted a few other folks thought it was a great as us, and two of those turned out to be Dorothy and Andy - our campground friends!

We had planned for our last campfire visit with Dorothy and Andy for the evening, but after 6 hours on the trail we were all exhausted.  They popped in a for a good bye visit  and exchange of addresses.  It is always wonderful to meet people along the way, adventurous souls who appreciate our need to pack up and move on the next day, not thinking how odd we didn't want to settle in for the long term!  Won't it be fun when we finally head east and stop at their place!

I have been dreaming of visiting the Sun Valley area for years, after reading blogger reviews on it and their miles of bike trails and quaint coffee shops.  So that is where we are head next!

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