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Driving Miss Donna - what does this mean? Whenever I want to go somewhere, if Don is home he will usually drive. He always says he is driving miss Donna! This blog is for our travels, usually with our truck and fifth wheel trailer, but sometimes in our other wheels. When we are not vacationing check in for updates, although less frequent, about our life at home and our wonderful family:)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

For All the Good It Does Us

I'm going to complain about the weather. I know all the facts and I keep pushing through, not changing  daily routine too much, but this is enough!  We need warmer weather. 

Don and I are fine. We made a commitment in February to increase our daily steps to 12,000 and have actually been closer to 15,000 most days. But that is because we "mall walk". How pathetic that when you do the math it costs less to drive to West Edmonton Mall and walk (2 full loops is 10,000 steps) than it does to go the our local, municipally financially supported, and paid for by our taxes, Tri Leisure Centre. Based on a formula that includes the gas and entry fees, the mall is $7.49 and the Tri $9.50. That's for one person only. As long as I leave my wallet in the car and don't stop at Lulululemon, it's a win win situation. LOL

So February is over!  It was a packed month for us. As you know precious Mason was born February 3. Don and I drove up on Sunday and Don didn't leave for work until Thursday, so he was able to spend some time with all of us. I bussed home on Friday and spent a week at home, a few work meetings, a visit with the Camerons and celebrating Cal's birthday, and then Don was home and done his northern work for the year! Sunday the 16th is Emerson's birthday, and for the first time we didn't attend her party.  Affirmation that the grandkids are growing up is when they have kid parties. Emerson's was at Michaels Crafts and she had a great time. That Sunday night though Don and I and all the Camerons went to BPs for dinner and celebrated Cal, Emerson and my birthdays!

Monday the 17th I was back to Fort Mac to visit and help the Stecyks. Lindsay is doing great and by the time I went home I wasn't  as worried about her getting back into her routine with 2 kids. We had a great week. Lindsay and I got out quite a few times with the boys, going for groceries and getting party supplies for Connor's 2nd party.  To celebrate Jeremy's and my birthdays, we ordered sushi and shared a few glasses of wine. Don spent a couple of days at home catching up on paperwork, as well as taking a course in Calgary, then joined us on Friday. 

The Thomas themed 2nd party went very well, and later in the afternoon Don and I took a drive through the city and reminisced about our time in Fort Mac. Below are photos of our apartment and then house. I don't know why I'm so sad to leave this part of the world behind. I'm so happy Lindsay and Jeremy are moving close, but I really do love Fort Mac. Oh well!  

Early Monday morning Don and I headed home. Don made a stop at a worksite south of town, and we were home in time to eat and then get our walk in.

This last week of February has been great. I had 2 client meetings, a long Co-op Board meeting, lunch with Erica, lunch with Tracy and the girls, dinner with Maria, Anne and Dana, and we managed to get our walks in every day. I finished the week with a massage, which felt pretty good. I've been working with a trainer the last few months. I decided it was time to try and increase my strength, and help ensure these awesome years of retirement are healthy ones  as well. It's challenging, but amazing how my strength has increased. It is quite a commitment to walk those steps every day and do the strength training every second day. 

On the work side of things, this is Don's slower time. Who knows when mine is. LOL.  I have a workshop in Red Deer next week, a writing contract on the go, another workshop in May and 2 more writing contracts in the spring. That's all awesome news, but I wasn't actually looking for anything. I guess finally my company name is circulating!  Don has a summer job that we should be able to take the trailer to, and his work as well often just pops up. 

Blake, Emerson and Reese are on a sleepover. Today was a fun day, we baked quiche and cookies, and tomorrow we have some activities planned before we head to Blake's hockey. We are so blessed that all our grandchildren go to bed so well. It makes these sleepovers even more enjoyable. Such great parents our kids are!  Can you imagine when they all stay over?  Maybe that won't happen too often.

And as March approaches we also get more excited for out trip. This cold weather makes leaving easier. March of course is also the Stecyk move to edmonton!

When we get home from our time down south May will be busy with Blake's 7th birthday, Lindsay's 30th! and the annual May Long Weekend Camping Trip with family and friends. 

So enjoy these last few cold days (-40) and come back to see us when we reach warmer climates!

Have a great March, it should be out like a lamb. 

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