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Friday, March 22, 2013

Our Favourite Nevada Town

After leaving Stewart's Point, we headed to the Laughlin area, specifically Davis Camp, technically in Bullhead City, Arizona.  Laughlin, NV and Bullhead City, AZ are actually across the river form each other.  Laughlin is essentially the entertainment area, and Bullhead City the residential and “normal” community.  By normal I mean it hosts full services such as any small city…
We really like the Davis Camp park, it has a reasonably priced service sites, along the Colorado River, and allows an opportunity to explore the desert, play a bit in casinos, and just generally enjoy the area.
We followed our typical Laughlin pattern this week, relaxing in the a.m., discovering new places through the day, and a bit of happy hour and gambling in the evenings.  To ensure we reached our 10,000 walking steps a day, we made sure we walked the Laughlin River Walk from start to finish everyday.  This is a boardwalk that connects all the casinos except for Harrah’s, and is about an hour and half walk.  In the hot evenings it is a welcome stroll as the breeze from the river hits you.  And of course the reward is a beverage and a game or two!
Lae Mead for Blog
This picture is of the southern part of the Lake Mead Recreation Area, and shows the areas we discovered this trip.  Although it may not look like it from the map, each trip in to the water area takes2 or 3 hours, depending on the road, etc.  The reward in every case was either a marina, with full commercial services and campgrounds, or in some cases like Princess Cove, a secluded and small open camping area.

Kite Surfing at Katherine's Landing
Burros at Temple Bar

A Lovely View at Lake Havasu

A crowded beach on Spring Break, Lake Havasu

My Favorite Desert Flowers - see the quarter?

This is typical of the roads we have travelled
A picture doesn't show the numerous cactus along the highway to Phoenix

Not sure why I can't seem to align these photos, sorry!

Until next time - have a great week!

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