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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October Highlights

Well I did say that I would not blog much, and that sure proved correct!

Returning home in October is my favourite – being here for Thanksgiving and having our family together is fantastic.  I really think it is my favourite time.  All the same great food as Christmas without the presents.  I love watching the kids with their gifts, but overall the season just gets carried away.  I will save that rant for my December blog!

So Thanksgiving found Lindsay and Connor with us, as Jeremy was on a business trip in the States.  They weren’t considerate of Canadian Thanksgiving!  Tracy, Cal, Blake, Emerson and Reese came out to share turkey, and it was an awesome fall day.  We always try to go to Forest Green park for pictures and this year was no exception!


The annual fall park photo with my sweeties!

Don came home from holidays and hit the ground running with work.  I feel bad for him, but he says if we are going to be home winters he might as well work if it’s there, and let me tell you it’s there!  October is gone for him.

I can’t believe how easy I fill my days, although I still have lots of work to do as well.  Between some heavy volunteer work with the FCSS Board and Co-op Board of Directors, Ringette and the Library, days speed by.  I also sit on the Executives of the local Adult Learning Council and a Volunteer Action Committee, as well as the Chamber of Commerce.  And I actually had a small contract this month with my own company.  Oh and I am the Safety Officer for Don’s company, as well as the overall “office manger” for lack of a better title that describes bookkeeping, etc.  So when Don is busy – I am too.  Which is quite nice.

I have made a strong commitment the last few months to trying to get healthy.  This means many things, eating better, exercising lots, etc.  It seems to be working.  But that commitment takes time, as some of you may know.  Those lucky enough to have constitutions that haven’t yet required this may not sympathize!

I would have to say the highlight of October was babysitting Blake, Emerson and Reese while Tracy and Cal went on a much needed vacation!  It was rather hectic with the 3, and school and activities, but it was so great to be with the kids and be a part of every day and all that  it encompasses.  Although we see them lots, it seems to be for short times and visits.  Being with them for 5 days was a chance to get to know them all better.  It was an absolute blast that we would do again, after some rest.  LOL

Halloween (my least favourite occasion) was cute to see the grandchildren all decked out.  Connor was a fisherman, Blake a Ninjego, Emerson a dragon, and Reese a puppy.  So cute!!


Have a great November – talk to you at the end!

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