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Saturday, April 14, 2012

It’s The Weekend…

…and that means nothing!  LOL  How wonderful when you have to ask each other what day it is because it just doesn’t matter.
We have had a great few days.  We visited the Valley of Fire State Park, pulling in on Wednesday morning, and picked a site nestled amongst the giant red mountains.  I haven’t loaded the photos to create a slide show for you – maybe this week.
It is very warm and VERY windy here.  I can’t remember the last time we had the trailer in such wind.  But the temperature is still enjoyable and still short pants weather, so that is wonderful.  We set up camp and left to do some touring, and driving through the small town of Overton found a McDonalds with wifi, so had no choice but to have a milkshake and let our emails load, update Windows, etc.  All those things that use precious G.  Then off to the grocery/liquor store and back home.
We decided to see if one more day would ease the wind, and so when we got up on Thursday and had breakfast we headed to Las Vegas.  First stop has to be Costco, for essentials that are so much cheaper than other places.  For example Coors 36 packs for $18.99 and Baileys 1.75L for $19.99.  Then it was off to the Vegas Premium Outlets!  Love the outdoor mall thing.  We had big plans this day – to stay and visit Freemont Street, eat at the extraordinaire Freemont Buffet, have a few drinks and go home.  But we copped out.  The lure of that camper was calling.
And what a great choice we made, as when we pulled into the site and looked across there was Ivan!!  What a treat to see him there.  That led into an evening of visiting and a great campfire.
So it’s now Friday and we have to make a choice – stay or go?  Ivan was off to boondock at Stewart’s Point, just miles form the campground, so we followed him to see if we would be comfortable pulling our rig there.  It’s a great place, with a 15 night maximum stay, and the views are beyond.  (Pictures I promise).  So we headed back to camp, hooked up and went on our way. 
Although still extremely windy, and rain overnight, the site is as beautiful this morning as ever.  Lake Mead can be viewed form 3 sides of the trailer, and the only other occupant visible is Ivan.  Quiet and solitude, and a pile of books.  The only downer is our trailer batteries, which we will have to replace today.  Don suspected this would happen soon, and the time has come.  We didn’t worry too much about when as it is warm enough not to need the furnace.  So when the world wakes up and the stores open, we will be off to Overton NAPA.
Sorry we have no “exciting” news to tell you, relaxing is not that easy to write about.
Enjoy your weekend…

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