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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Keep Travelling and Not Blogging!

Sorry about that, but vacationing and blogging aren’t going together for me.  Between facebook, gmail, facebook chat, reading work email, texting and surfing, I keep forgetting to blog!
So I am trying Live Writer – anyone use it?  Some immediate advantages thus far are that you do not need to have an internet connection to write the blog.  Two benefits to that are that I won’t forget what to write (hopefully) and I can write better posts, adding as I think of something.  It apparently has an IPhone app as well so I will see about that.  In addition it has a spell check which I really need.
So since our road trip to Mexico we have moved on.  We spent 4 nights at Lake Havasu State Park.  It was a beautiful campground, but did have some drawbacks.  It was noisy being on the water as the boats seem to never stop.  And there is a large boat that shuttles folks back and forth to the Havasu Landing Casino and Resort, across the river in California.  I am not talking about a small amount of traffic, but LOTS of it.  As well the sites did not have services.  In moderate temps that would be okay, but it was tooooo hot for no A/C.  So we ran the generator for a couple of hours daily, but would have been better to have a consistent cooling source.
Lake Havasu was also very windy while we were there, as was Laughlin.  But that was not so bad in the 30+ weather.
As you know we travelled to Mexico on Thursday.  Friday we took in the sights at London Bridge in Lake Havasu.  If you are not familiar with that attraction, it is a bridge that was purchased from London England in the 60’s and moved to Lake Havasu and reconstructed.  Purchase and moving costs were just over $7 million.  Now it is a quaint area with restaurants, shops, etc.  Pretty cool.  And lots of waterfront boat docks as well.
Saturday we went on another road trip.  We went north a ways to see the town of Chloride.  This is an odd story.  In 1966 an artist decided to go up the mountain and paint some murals on rocks.  This sounds far more interesting than it was:)
Saturday night we rode the shuttle boat to the casino, had some supper, gambled enough to recoup our losses for supper and drinks, etc. and headed back home.  It was enjoyable and cool outside on the boat.
Our plans were to leave on Sunday.  We had thought to go back to Valley of Fire park, but as we were driving decided to change entirely.  I texted Pat and her and Walter were in St George, Utah, so off we went.  We stayed with them for 2 nights before heading out.  On Tuesday am we took off for Boise Idaho, stopping at the Lehi Utah Cabelas to pick up a boat motor for Jeremy.  We had an overnight at Cabela’s in Boise and off again.
Today we travelled to Farragut State Park, north of Coeur d’Alene Idaho.  It is one of our favourite state parks.  It is also close to a quaint town called Bayview, which boasts one of the best internet cafes I’ve seen.  Great coffee, pie and internet!
Not sure where the next few days will find us.  If Radium Hot Springs campground is open we will go there for one night.  Our plan is to be home on Saturday.  And Sunday we will see the grandkids – miss them lots!
Talk soon – goodnight.

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