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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Old Friends

Simon and Garfunkel have this great song.  This part of the lyrics are applicable to our visit today:
Time it was and what a time it was…
A time of innocence a time of confidences
Long ago it must be, I have a photograph preserve your memories
On Monday night after returning from our Devil’s Bridge hike I was browsing Facebook.  One of my friends had posted photos of her hike on the Devil’s Bridge trail that very same day.

I’m sure you have heard me talk about something similar in the past where I have been reunited with an old girlfriend, someone who was connected to me through who we dated in our early years?  After all I was pretty young when Don and I started dating and since we’ve been together ever since it shouldn’t be surprising that many of my girl friends from school dated a guy in our group or one of Don’s friends.

Anyhow, this time it was Robbie Westgard!  Robbie dated Don’s cousin back in the day, as well as we were one year apart in high school.  We have not had a face to face visit since before Don and I were married, so prior to 1980.  Other than that we are not exactly sure.  So after a few messages back and forth we decided to meet in Phoenix for lunch and a visit!

What a great visit it was!  Of course we only made it through a few memories and a couple of years of catching up, but the real thing about this sort of meet up is the flooding of memories of who you were and who you have become.  Yes people change of course we “grow up”, but the truly lovely personalities you remember are usually still there.  The smile, the laugh, and the joy in being who you are is what is shared again.

For me meeting these people from our past touches my soul, and takes me back to A time of innocence a time of confidence.  Just like listening to an old song.

Till next time Robbie and Ken…

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