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Friday, September 14, 2018

Discovering Yellowstone Park Part 1

We decided to take the map of Yellowstone and visit every nook and cranny we could. This takes quite some time and also some patience. I'm not sure if it is the unusually beautiful weather, the time of year where school is back and people without school children are travelling, or if Yellowstone Park is just that great, but the park is busy. And the animals have road right of way. Add to that (and I won't rant too much) the drivers that don't pay attention to the stopping areas, and it can take hours to get through one area.

We approached the trips though the park methodically, stopping at every trail and attraction there was. With our lunches packed, we had no obstacles to when or where we stopped.

Our first day was a short jaunt, going only as far  as Old Faithful. We timed it pretty good, only having to wait about 20 minutes for the show.

The unique areas in Yellowstone include canyons, rivers, forests, hot springs and geysers. There are also numerous animals like bears, bison, elk and antelope! The park covers almost 3500 square miles.

Here's a picture drive with us...

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