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Friday, December 23, 2016

Merry Christmas from the Smiths

I must say that overall I am not much for Christmas.  Some of you won't believe that, I have lots of decorations, lots of presents etc.  But it saddens me to see people who are exhausted from trying to do what everyone thinks they should and all that goes with that.

So my Christmas wish, which I have finally seemed to achieve, is that if you are exhausted over Christmas prep and all that goes with it, is that you are at least happy about it.  Don't look at the season with dread, and if you do reevaluate what you do.

Christmas through the eyes of the children is what makes it enjoyable for me.  Not just their stockings and gifts, but also watching them enjoy the lights, seeing them at concerts, taking about Santa, and even about Jesus.  And eating.  That sounds funny, but watching them enjoy cookies I baked, the Christmas dinner and everything else.  Would I go without presents?  I wouldn't want to. But I could.

So instead of a letter filled what we have been doing all year, you could read the blog.  A year of memories, laughter and some tears,  Which makes life, well life!

Merry Christmas from our house to yours!

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