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Friday, December 9, 2016

Love Letters to Grandchildren

This might be my longest post!  If you have grandchildren you know the amazing amount of love and entertainment they offer.  Every one of them is different in their own way.  I find myself remembering little parts of what I have loved about them all as they grow, but with Blake for example, although I will never forget how much I love him, I find myself forgetting little things.  So I am going to do a yearly summary in this blog, as it is really for us to read back on and remember!
This year I will start with the youngest to oldest.

Mason Theodore Stecyk

Every child has a special "place" in the family.  Mason is our last baby.  I think I will always think of him that way!  But make no mistake this little guy is no baby.  He cracks us up constantly.  Watching him crash through life is so funny, but sometimes so tender too.  Right now he has such physical features.  His shoulders are so wide.  He has big hands it seems too.  And he has such strength.  He often seems like a bull in a china shop, not much finesse.  But when he hugs his brother or gives love to his puppy, he can be gentle.  For some time he seemed to have a cry as he went to bed, but lately he just climbs in, cuddles up and looks like an angel.  His big brown eyes and a smile that looks at the same time mischievous, goofy and sweet melts your heart.  He tries so hard to talk about everything, and watching his lips as he forms words is so sweet.  In the mornings after Lindsay has taken Connor t school she will often phone me form the truck.  Mason and I have this thing where I say "Hi Mason".  He says "Hi Yaya", I say "How are you today?", he says "Good", and we move on.  But I treasure those little conversations.  Mason has drive and determination in everything he does.  Love you little guy!

Connor James Stecyk

So Connor's place is special, he is my baby's baby!  I don't know why Connor and I have this special love.  Lindsay insists he is not like this with anyone else.  Maybe because when he was born they lived in Fort McMurray but I spent a lot of time with him?  He's 4 years old, and there isn't a time I can't count on him for a kiss or hug.  Sometimes he will say I need you Yaya and just sits close.  Another thing that kills me is he will walk up or cuddle up and kiss my arm gently.  Connor is a deep thinker.  Never doubt he is always assessing his surroundings and thinking. He's a quieter boy than Mason, unless he is playing one on one with his brothers, cousins, or someone he is totally comfortable with.  Then the emergency vehicle sounds start, and he gets wound up.  Here is a funny story.  After his first hockey time, they came to our place.  I said "There's my hockey player".  He looks around and says "Where?".  LOL  I said "You Connor".  He gets this silly grin on his face.  And you can tell he is proud.  But he's a man of few words usually, although you see the pride in that grin.  He is like that a lot.  Connor has a quiet but determined way about him, and has taught me about a gentle lasting love.  As I always say to you Connor - I love You THIS Much!

Reese Peyton Anne Cameron

Reesey is Tracy's youngest, and our last little girl.  She holds many roles in our family.  She is a free spirit I think. She keeps me on my toes trying to fit her in a "category", but is the epitome of why you should not do that with a person.  What you see is not what you get.  I think that is my connection with Reese.  Sometimes I want to scream to the world that there is so much more to me than you see.  I think Reese might find that in life.  Sometimes she is this quiet little shy girl, other times I catch her laughing her head off and surprising me.  For example she is now taking music lessons.  We recently went to a recital.  It appeared the teacher wanted the students to introduce themselves, their song and at the end bow before exiting.  Reese was one of few who were able to do that!  So proud of that side of her.  She might not be the first one to run up to hug, but when she does it is tight and loving and lasts a long time.  We had a lot of fun last winter when I would pick her up from school to take her to music.  We would stop for treats, sing songs, and sometimes shop.  I treasured those times with her, as being the third child, it is sometimes hard to find a time for one on one.  I also love watching her try to tease grandpa and tickle him.  Those big blue eyes are filled with mischief.  Never loose your individual spirit Reese- it will take you anywhere.  Love you Reese's Pieces!

Emerson Marie Cameron

Well our first little baby girl!  Emerson with a heart of gold, wanting to be helpful.  And a personality a little too deep for a 7 year old.  You care so much, you try so hard, and you take everything to heart.  Your grim determination on the ice when you are playing ringette, your love of your family, your patience with your brother, sister, and cousins.  You are quite the package.  You feel too strong sometimes, and these emotions are hard for you, so you may sometimes get upset.  But that is just part of who you are.  Every single time you see me your face lights up and you come running for a hug.  I wonder if that will end?  You make me want to circle you with protection.  But I know you are a force and I don't need to do that.  I see strength, perseverance and kindness in you that I know will follow you.  I sense as you are growing up you will follow your own strong will and perhaps offer challenges that are unexpected.  I take the feel of your tight strong hugs with me through the days.  I love watching you read as you grow, the joy from books, and watching you read to your little cousins.  I love you miss amazing!

Blake Smith Cameron

I know this is said all the time, but as our first grandchild you are responsible for showing us the first love of being a grandparent.  I never thought that the love of a parent could be any better.  But  you showed us that grand parenting is even more.  From the silly little boy to the big boy you are now.  I almost want to say young man, because as the oldest in your family you seem like that sometimes already.  But watching you play assures me you are still a little boy.  (Sorry)  I watch you go from being a noisy happy guy, to the young man who can talk about hockey, think things through, and deal with the changes in life and the world that you are astute enough to recognize.  Some might think you live for hockey right now, but I see more than that.  I see hockey is one way you show your quiet but determined approach to life.  Your commitment to your friends, your respect for adults such as your coaches.  I find myself wanting to fast forward to your teen years but only because I am so excited for the young man I know you will become.  The guy who will still let grandma hug you and kiss you, maybe still cuddle on grandpa's lap a bit?  I hope it will be a few years before I have to stop singing you a bedtime song while you hold my pinkie finger.  Love you!!

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