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Friday, April 19, 2019

Casino Camping

As the days get a bit colder and the nights too, it doesn’t take much for us to revert to campground parking. We had picked out the Fallon Fairgrounds to stay at, but yuck. Dirty, unlevel, supposedly reserved after Wednesday (note that we checked every day while there and there was no more than 3 campers) and generally very unappealing. We knew the Bonanza Casino also had a few sites, and ended  up staying there. Right in town, but so was the fairgrounds. It was a bit noisy, but when you are used to being out in the desert the town noises are amplified anywhere you park. Free Wi-Fi and full services for $18!
Anyhow – the point pf this stop was to visit Reno and the surrounding areas, which included Lake Tahoe, Virginia City and the Reno River Walk. We had hoped for 2 things that didn’t work out – the Ponderosa Ranch from the show Bonanza and seeing some memorabilia about Mark Twain. The Ponderosa Ranch as a tourist location closed around 2005, and although Mark Twain lived in Virginia City and started his writing career there, only plaques remain to commemorate that.
I must add that the Reno Riverwalk is far superior to the reviews we have read. It’s wider and longer in length than San Antonia, and not nearly as commercial. What a great stop!
The photos below are in that order, so enjoy.
This is our last “touristy” stop on our vacation. It was great and everything was new to us, which doesn’t happen as often now that we have spent years touring the northwest.
Our plans heading home are a stop over in the Cambridge ID area, and the weekend in Farragut State Park, which you should recognize as one of our long time favorites. Once we get home you won’t hear from me as often, but I will try to check in once in a while!

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