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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Lives Long Ago

I have missed telling you about one of our hikes in Natural Bridges National Monument, but after another day I have yet another to tell you about – Hovenweep National Monument.

Butler Wash Ruins is actually not in Natural Bridges, but on BLM land just east of the Monument.

In a quest to always meet our 12,00 daily steps, this seemed like the perfect stop.  When the road sign advertised Indian Ruins we thought why not.  Signage promised a gentle 2 mile walk to see them.

We have observed these dwellings in past travels, but their architecture up close is stunning and awe inspiring.  You have to really consider how the people were able to build these structures with their limited resources.


We had one more National monument to visit in this region, and it was well worth the stop.

Hovenweep National Monument dates back to approximately  900 AD, and it is believed at least 2,500 people lived in the community by the late 1200’s.  The rough trail leads down, up, and around the ruins.  This is the best and closest we have been to buildings of this sort.  Viewing these masters of design from all directions gives one an appreciation again for the builders and community.

We were pleased with our hiking abilities today.  The air didn’t seem as thin and we motored around quite easily!  The elevation of 7-8,000 feet has been playing havoc with us.

Here is your pictorial hike with us (lots of photos but only a small assortment of the 120 a day we take), soak in the sunshine as we have, and talk to you soon!

PS – Although I don’t like to do food reviews and note restaurants, I have to say thank you to today’s wifi supplier and procurer of the best cappuccino and dessert in Bluff, Comb Ridge.  It was a pleasure to spend our evening at your establishment!


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