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Driving Miss Donna - what does this mean? Whenever I want to go somewhere, if Don is home he will usually drive. He always says he is driving miss Donna! This blog is for our travels, usually with our truck and fifth wheel trailer, but sometimes in our other wheels. When we are not vacationing check in for updates, although less frequent, about our life at home and our wonderful family:)

Monday, March 9, 2015

We've Moved!

Into our second home!
Departure day finally arrived!  Friday morning we were up and at it, with a hopeful destination of Idaho Falls. Although we watch weather patterns and traffic, you still never know for certain.
The roads and weather were superb and we arrived about 8:00 pm. 
Idaho Falls is a great stopping point with the Walmart being across from a hotel with free wifi, within walking distance of several restaurants and a Starbucks!  Nothing wrong with being happy!
We opened the slides, turned the furnace on and went for dinner. 
After a great sleep we continued to our first destination of Saint George. Typically by the time we make it there it is summer weather. No disappointments in that this year. With daytime temps of 24 and nights of 10, this desert weather always surprises me. But I really like sleeping in the cooler weather so it's a pretty perfect combo. In a few days as we move south we may loose the cooler nights. 
We did our usual grocery shopping and phone initializing here. This year Don has unlocked his new Windows phone and is again using AT&T. Their rates have improved once again and he is paying $65 monthly for unlimited US calling, unlimited texting to US and Canada and 250 minutes to Canada. It also allows 4G of data and he can hotspot. There was a snag at the beginning but the next day all was working smoothly. 
I am testing Roam Mobility this year. I have also unlocked my iPhone. Their rate is a bit lower with all the above and unlimited Canadian calling BUT only 2G a month. You have to commit to 3 months, but you keep your SIM card and hence your phone number. That's $39.95 per month. It's a plan designed for snowbirds. I use a lot of data at home so I am watching a bit closer to see how this goes.  Coverage is a concern but so far we seem about equal. We are both enjoying having "our" phones with us and are half Telus now unlocks even phones on plans. 
So the last days have been spent just relaxing and getting used to the pace. I know that sounds odd but it isn't always easy to slow down. Oh and of course Yahtzee!
Today we are out to discover Zion National Park. Hopefully we find a good hike. 

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Have a great day!  Here's some pics for your pleasure...

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