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Friday, July 25, 2014

Updates and Fixes

Well I did tell you that after our Yellowknife I would slow my posts down. True!

But our time at home has hardly been at home, which is a trend for us it seems. 

Every year we do some home repairs, maintenance and cosmetic surgery to our little house. This year we decided to take the leap and install a new furnace. This is a hard decision to make because although the existing furnace is the original it has never had a problem. The professionals will agree that the call outs and higher percentage of problems today are the newer furnaces with electronics galore. But estimated at over 40 years old, we knew we were starting to play roulette. So one thing leads to another and the first order of business prior to the furnace was a full duct cleaning. Then the furnace. 

Next on the list of house things was upstairs painting. The last time the main living space was done was about 15 years ago. We had since then updated the main floor bathroom and the offices, but the living room, dining room and kitchen were in bad need. Now why not throw in the cupboards for good measure?  And so began the vigil of taking down art, cleaning things up and moving furniture. 

The painter, who is a wonderful gentleman, is almost finished. I can only say his skills are evident and we are thrilled we chose him. There is a noticeable difference from the last one, mostly in the prep work, which of course affects the final results so much. 

Next on the itinerary is replacement of all the ceiling tiles in the basement. For all of our basement party friends I know you are sorry to see the orange tiles go. But life moves forward. 

The last house fix this year is new carpet in the bedroom. Our room seems to be last for flooring etc. but is going to be great to have done. 

I think the interior is done now. Maybe backsplash in the kitchen some time but no rush. 

I already have plans for next years work, but it will be outdoor items. 

Our little home looks fresh, clean and updated. Or it will once the furniture and pictures are back in place!

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