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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Testing the American Medical System…

Boise proved to be a unique stop.  I had big dreams of shopping the big city, and spending the day touring and admiring the area.  Unfortunately something happened to my back or hip, or some dumb part of my anatomy, and I could hardly move.  It may sound unbelievable but the only thing that did not hurt was standing or walking, and those were challenging at times.   I had just finished a round of chiropractic and massage at home  before holidays, and was disgusted by this.  Thankfully I was able to receive a referral to Oakes Chiropractic Clinic in Boise, and booked a visit.  Dr. Oakes was fantastic, found the guilty area, and treated it.  It was a great experience, and allowed me to go on enjoying the trip!

During the one day we were in Boise, Don and Ron visited the Warhawk Air Museum for a few hours.  Although not the calibre of the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum they toured near McMinnville in 2010, it was still interesting and worth the price of admission.

Bev and I did manage some shopping, but I was glad for that chiropractic stop and Aleve.  Tomorrow can only be uphill, as we travel to a new area – the Craters of the Moon National Monument!


This was a cool plane with a neat Canada/US story behind it.  The pilot was an US Boise resident that joined the RCAF in Vancouver at the start of the 2nd World War.  When the US joined the war, he resigned from the Canadian Air Force and joined the US.  This is a replica of his plane!


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