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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Checking Out the Canyons in Utah

I must admit I am weary of finding new words to describe the brilliance of the Canyons as we drive through them.  We have over 150 photos, but I am not even sure they do justice.  I wish each one of you was travelling with us, and we could ooh and aah along with us. As I said in a past blog, each view has its own merit.
Over the last 2 days we have travelled through Bryce Canyon National Park and Capital Reef National Park.  In many instances the “scenic route” we drove along to get there afforded more attractions and beauty than the actual canyons.
On Saturday we packed our lunch and headed through the park on Hwy 63.  We thought that was funny, as it was as different from Alberta’s Hwy 63 as you can get.  Bryce Canyon is full of incredible red hoodoos, not unlike those in Drumheller, other than the height and quantity.  It is so overwhelming to see them, and the drove allows you to stop and view from so many different angles.
Sunday we headed out again, ready to see Capital Reef National Park.  We were not sure what a reef was considered to be in this area, and must admit after the tour, still not sure why they chose that reference.  Capital Reef primarily allows you to drive rather than along the rim of the canyons, such as Grand Canyon or Bryce, along the river valley that created the wonder.  A totally different perspective.  Signs along the way warn you not to park in the river bed, or even enter,if there are any sings of impending storm.  As a side note, and not as an insult, it seems that Americans need to have posted warnings about everything in life.  You are in a raging storm and sitting in a river in your vehicle – you may want to leave!
Each of these day trips was so worthwhile.  I cannot believe how much new country we have visited this trip.  But also must admit I am done for the spring with red rock, canyons, and hills.  The truck must be wondering what we are doing to it.  The fields around Lethbridge will be welcome!
I will post pics as soon as we are in a more stable wifi zone.
Have  a great evening!

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