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Friday, January 13, 2012

Hello 2012!!

So what people call the busy/crazy time of year is come and gone again.  I don’t see it that way, but I am different.
We had a great Christmas break in our home.  I was gifted with 2 weeks vacation, which was a pleasant surprise in my contract.  And Don was able to be home the whole time.  As reported we travelled to Saskatchewan prior to Christmas.
Lindsay and Jeremy were home on the 23rd, and we had some great times.  We visited with Warren and Cherie in their home on Christmas Eve, joined by many of their friends we have gotten to know over the years.
Christmas day started out quietly with just the 4 of us adults in the morning, then Tracy, Cal, Blake, Emerson and Reese joined us mid morning!
We all had a fantastic time opening presents and stockings – thank goodness Santa knows where everyone stops that day.
We took the kids skating as the turkey cooked – yes even Grandma and Grandpa!  It was Emerson’s first time and he was very proud to move on her own.
Of course there was far too much food.  We were happy to have Warren and Cherie join us to help out with that!  Lindsay and I got some boxing day shopping in before we headed to the city, first to babysit the kids while Tracy and Cal took in a World Junior game, then later we were off the Rexall Place for the same.
Rather than host a pre-Christmas party this year for friends and family we decided to have a New Years Eve party, of a quieter and smaller nature.  Isn’t that just when the best parties happen?  LOL.  We saw midnight come and go, and had some sleep over guests as well.  It was quite a party for these old folks.
Some serious conversation took place, and it appears major decisions were made.  (Thanks Eric for the photo)
xmas 2011
January 2 came too soon, as Don headed north for his first 12 day shift.  Working long days, but not in weather too cold.  As it turns out it has been so warm he had to call it quits a couple of days early and colder weather is needed to continue in the northern muskeg.  That means he has 4 days at home this weekend though.
Tracy brought the kids out yesterday afternoon for a visit – it is always so much fun having them here at our house!!
Tonight we had a great dinner with Warren and Cherie (thanks guys), tomorrow a Co-op Board gathering, a quieter Sunday, and Monday back to the race.
I am so excited as this week I received confirmation of a contract with Volunteer Wood Buffalo in Fort McMurray.  Don’t get all excited I will not being working up there, but rather on a home based project.  As part of my contract with Volunteer Alberta, I needed to form a company, and I thought with the approaching end of that contract, I should get in circulation as a consultant.  Some day you can check my website – soulutionsbydonna.com – and it will have content!  Thanks Lindsay for getting this completed for me!
donna jpg
So January is speeding by and fast approaching is a February full of family birthdays – in order – Cal, Emerson, myself, and Jeremy.  Cake and party time!!
Enjoy the rest of the month.

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